Our race to the presidency is not about winning more votes. Instead, it is about winning more state votes to curry favor with the backroom dealing electors of the Electoral College who can actually vote for anyone they want with total disregard to the popular vote. I challenge you to name one member of the Electoral College... You can’t because they don’t want you to know who they are. You might be asking yourself, how does the Electoral College even work and you wouldn’t be the first person to ask that question.

It is a take all system: the presidential candidate who won the majority of the votes in each state captures all of that state’s electoral votes. For example, whoever wins more votes in Pennsylvania gets all 20 of Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes and the person who reaches 270 Electoral votes nationwide wins the election.

This all sounds good and well but what isn’t readily talked about is the dangerous flaws in the system. This system has failed our nation five times in our history, when the loser became president, (Jackson in 1824, Tilden in 1876, Cleveland in 1888, Gore in 2000 and Clinton 2016). The system doesn’t represent the will of the people, yet it allows the unelected, political insiders to actually decide who the president is.

When a candidate achieves a simple majority in a state (this means, one more vote than any other candidate in a state) they receive all that state’s Electoral College votes. Basically your vote does not matter once this simple majority is reached. It doesn’t matter if you voted for the winningcandidate in your state or not! It is basically useless and discarded except for statistical reasons. What is worse is if you are a Democrat living in a heavily Republican state or a Republican living in a heavily Democratic state, it creates a massive amount of useless votes and discarded voters on both sides! This is simply undemocratic and un-American. This is against everything we believe!

It doesn’t matter who you supported in the last presidential election, your rights were violated. Donald Trump won the election by receiving over 270 concealed Electoral votes. However, Hillary Clinton had nearly 3,000,000 more popular votes than him. This means that the will of the people was ignored! You may be happy about it in this election, but just think about the next election and the next. The Electoral College insiders must be stopped and democracy must be put into the voters hands, where it belongs!

We are attempting to change this by abolishing the Electoral College through an amendment to the Twelfth Amendment to our Constitution replacing our current system with a strict popular vote decision, so that no votes are worthless and ignored. We are raising funds to sponsor an amendment that will abolish the Electoral College. We need your help! We will be organizing rallies, establishing a media campaign, and be lobbying Congress to not only draw attention to this injustice, but to CHANGE IT! Join us!